About Us

EPIKGO is created and operated by Endliss Technology Inc.

For the need to do more, go further, and live epically! Based in Silicon Valley, the EPIKGO team saw the need for new, innovative ways to travel around. With so many unreliable ways to travel with self-balancing scooters, it was time to establish a new leader in the industry; not only in regards to safety, but in pushing the limits to what these scooters could do. With the introduction of a rugged, more durable scooter, the EpikGo dream was truly realized.

Travel over grass, dirt, sand, and water, the EpikGo line of products feature the first generation of self-balancing scooters that work in a multi-environment world. Created by our Silicon Valley based team, the EpikGo brand features the newest technology and is the SAFEST ride out there.