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What should I do if one side of my board is reacting slower than the other?

One of the Center LED light is not on, is it defective?

What should I do if my EPIKGO isn't working properly?

What do the center green/red lights on my EPIKGO mean?

How do I know when to charge my EPIKGO? [I hear the Beeping Sounds]

Is learning to ride an EPIKGO hard?

Possible places where EPIKGO is regulated?

What should I do if I misplaced my manual?

Is the EPIKGO Classic Bluetooth compatible?

How much does the EPIKGO weigh?

What kind of battery does EPIKGO have?

What type of tire does the EPIKGO have?

How far can EPIKGO travel on a single charge?

Can the EPIKGO be ridden off- road?

What type of slopes can EPIKGO handle?

Does the EPIKGO have lights for riding in areas with poor lighting?

Can I clean my EPIKGO?

Is EPIKGO waterproof?

How fast can the EPIKGO travel?

What is a UL Certification?

How long does it take to get my EPIKGO?

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